About South Leeds Life

South Leeds Life is a news website and newspaper bringing you local news about the LS10 and LS11 areas of South Leeds.

We were fed up of only seeing bad news stories about our communities in the mainstream media, when we know there are so many positive things going on locally.

South Leeds Life is run by a not-for-profit social enterprise – South Leeds Life CIC, registered at Companies House. The news is written by and for local people. Most are volunteers, but we have a full time Editor – Jeremy Morton.

Our aims are:

  1. To inform people of events, activities, issues and opportunities taking place in the South Leeds community;
  2. To encourage the involvement of the wider community in communicating their experiences;
  3. To foster community spirit and involvement; and
  4. To provide a platform for local people to contribute and respond to community life more fully.

South Leeds Life started online in 2010 and started printing regular monthly newspapers in 2015. We get 20-30,000 page views per month online and distribute 5,000 free newspapers every month.

L-R: Noor Zaman, Lucy Potter, Dominic Grace, Patricia Jackson, Bruce Davies, Rocio Torres, Ed Carlisle

South Leeds Life CIC is managed by a board. The current members are:

  • Patricia Jackson (Chair)
  • Lucy Potter (Secretary)
  • Rocio Torres (Treasurer)
  • Ed Carlisle
  • Bruce Davies
  • Deborah Davies
  • Dominic Grace
  • Noor Zaman

How we are funded

South Leeds Life has three sources of income:

Grants: we apply for grants that may be available to support our work from time to time. We are very grateful to the LCC Inner South Community Committee and the LCC Housing Advisory Panel who have awarded grants totalling £3,392 during 2016/17.

In the past we have received grants from Community First, Arise and Leeds Community Foundation (Yorkshire Social Philanthropy Fund).

Advertising: South Leeds Life sells advertising both online and in print. We expect to make about £4,000 in advertising during 2016/17

Subscriptions: We invite individual readers and local organisations to support us through a regular payment. Individuals who pay at least £4 per month receive a copy of the newspaper delivered to their door. Organisations can contribute as sponsors from £60 per year upwards. We expect to receive about £4,000 in subscription income in 2016/17.

What are our politics?

This site is not affiliated to any political group – we are interested in making the area a better place, not the politics. We work with whoever is committed to helping us.

How do you handle comments?

We are always delighted when people comment on the issues we raise. We are realistic about the fact that many open comment sites are, bluntly, ruined by crazy people. Comments on South Leeds Life are moderated before approval. We approve comments that disagree with the overall tone of the site, but not racists, ranters or flamers etc.


We always strive to be accurate, but sometimes mistakes do slip through during the hectic production process. If you find a factual error or have a complaint to make about South Leeds Life, please do contact us. You can find details of our complaints procedure and policy here. (Page currently under construction)


The views expressed on this blog are those of individual authors/commenters and do not reflect those of the blog in general. Copyright for words, images and photographs remain with the author at all times.


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