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Download our rate card here: South Leeds Life Rate Chart Jun16

We offer Display Adverts and Small Ads


Display Adverts appear across the whole site and are available in three sizes:

Leaderboard is our largest ad and appears at the very top of each page.


  (actual size)  Price: £50 per 20,000 views

Sidebar appears near the top of the sidebar on each page.

 sidebar(actual size)  Price: £30 per 20,000 views

Article appears at the bottom of each article

articlead(actual size)  Price: £30 per 20,000 views

All Display Adverts will require an appropriately sized graphic. You can provide this yourself or we can produce one for a small additional cost.

Clicking on a display advert will link to further information. This can be:

  • a link to a page on an external website.
  • a downloadable pdf  version of a leaflet or poster (we can help with this if required).
  • an article on our website promoting your product or service (we will work with you to produce this).

To place a Display Ad or make further enquiries please email or telephone 07894583966


Small Ads
These are DIY text adverts with an optional single image. Latest ads feature at the top of each page, all ads feature in our small ads section.
Price: £10 per month, or £30 per year (paypal preferred).

Place your small ad here

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