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We are asking all our readers to consider taking out a sponsor’s subscription. Everyone who takes out a £4 per month bank standing order will be credited on the website and have our newspaper delivered to their door. More importantly you will be enabling us to keep bringing you the news that matters to you about your neighbourhood.

We know times are tough and not everyone can afford to pay for their news, so the website and the newspaper will both remain free.

We are trusting ourselves to you, the South Leeds community. We will continue to apply for grants and sell advertising, but achieving a bedrock of supporters’ subscriptions will give us a firm financial footing and help us plan for the future.

Download your subsciption form here and become a Pound-a-week Sponsor today: Pound-a-week-Standing-Order; or email us your address and we will send you a form info@sllife.leeds11.com.

Thanks to our Pound-a-Week sponsors:

Hilary Benn MP Amanda Binns
Elaine Bower Asa Britton
Andy Brown David Bushell
Ed Carlisle SJ Carlisle
Barbara Cavell Rachel Darton
Bruce & Debs Davies Mark Day
Audrey Dickinson C Fletcher
Angela Gabriel Al Garthwaite
Julie Gill A Giscombe
Keith Hitchiner Phil Hodgson
Ken Ingram Pat Jackson
Frances Jones Toby Lloyd
Alys & Colin Marsh Adam Ogilvie
Barry & Anne Parker Alan & Lindsey Pearson
Lucy Potter AR Price
Alan Shaw Bob Shaw
Linda Stanley Sue Talbot
Andrew Wilson Peter Wood
Paul Wray


All organisations which become Friends are listed here with a link through to their organisation’s homepage; they also receive a week’s free advertising on the blog with an article describing their organisation’s activities.

For organisations, we welcome Standing Order payments if that’s easy, at a minimum of £5 per month – or we can arrange annual payments if you’d prefer (minimum £60 per year); this is standard level sponsorship. You will be given priority on our distribution of print editions, listed on the website, and receive regular opportunities to feed us content.

Organisations and groups can also become a:

  • ‘Bronze’ sponsor at £20+ per month (£240 per year),
  • ‘Silver’ at £50+ per month (£600 per year),
  • ‘Gold’ at £100+ per month (£1,200 per year), or
  • ‘Platinum’ at £300+ per month (£3,600 per year).

These sponsorship deals also entail a guaranteed package of coverage through the website and print editions; however, we absolutely reserve the right to scrutinise you (eg if you’re up to no good!), and will risk losing our sponsorship if need be.


We’re aiming to have income via subscriptions and sponsorship totalling £750 per month by the end of this year, £1250 by the end of 2017, and £1750 by the end of 2018. Can you help us get there?

Please email us at info@sllife.leeds11.com for more information.

Thanks to our Supporting Organisations:

Platinum sponsors:

Hunslet Club

Gold sponsors:

Silver sponsors:

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