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I’d like to offer a brighter future for Leeds Central.

Imagine a country where people are decent to each other, where we have good schools and hospitals so that our children have a fair chance in life and our elderly are treated with dignity, with a clean environment and an innovative economy.

That’s why we’ll put a penny on income tax to rescue the NHS and social care, and reverse Theresa May’s heartless cuts to schools and welfare. That’s why we’ll give you the chance to change Britain’s future by allowing you to reject a bad Brexit deal.


1.  As a registered nurse since 1995 and having left the NHS in 2006 due to burnout because of exhaustion from long-term short staffing, I am now happily working in the private nursing sector – what will you be doing to improve the NHS in order to a) make me consider voting for you, and b) tempt me back to the NHS as a much needed registered nurse?

Only the Liberal Democrats will plug the £6bn funding shortfall, £30bn over a parliament, and crucially, explain clearly how: a penny on income tax.

To address staff shortages, to attract and retain, we’ll lift the cap on public sector pay rises, protect whistle-blowers, reinstate nursing bursaries and de-politicise health with a cross-party approach. We’ll also guarantee the rights of all staff who are EU nationals to stay in the UK.

Only our plan is endorsed by the former head of the NHS David Nicholson, and 26 leading health experts including the ex-heads of the Royal Colleges of Nursing, GPs and Psychiatrists.


2.  In a rapidly growing city, how would you ensure the city is more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to developments and the infrastructure around them. Leeds City Council seems to give the green light to many developments of housing or retail parks without any or minimal thought to local infrastructure such as roads, schools and health care.

We need affordable housing, including supporting infrastructure. We’ll require Local Plans to consider 15+ years of future housing needs.

Liberal Democrats have long advocated devolution, though this must not be a smokescreen for cuts. We’ll enable local government to prevent large developers reneging on their commitments.

With increasing pollution and congestion, we’ll give local authorities more powers over transport, assist the switch from diesel to no or low emissions (including a scrappage scheme), and implement the Get Britain Cycling report.

Brexit has put Burberry’s £50m South Bank development on hold. I will make the pro-jobs case for single market membership.


3.  How do you intend to stop the burglaries, unsociable behaviour etc that’s occurring in the Beeston area now? This is affecting people of all ages, race and religion!

After years of reduction, crime is up since 2015 – robberies by 10%, public disorder by 35%. Less funding has meant less community policing.

We’ll invest £300m a year, £11,440,000 for West Yorkshire – that’s 229 more officers in our neighbourhoods.

Too often governments have ignored evidence, needlessly compromised our freedoms, and wasted money to sound tough.

For example, we will build an assessment of harm into the crime figures.

We will prefer drug or mental health treatment over prison, work with community groups and promote restorative justice that brings victims and wrongdoers together to resolve conflict, reduce harm and encourage rehabilitation.


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