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1.  As a registered nurse since 1995 and having left the NHS in 2006 due to burnout because of exhaustion from long-term short staffing, I am now happily working in the private nursing sector – what will you be doing to improve the NHS in order to a) make me consider voting for you, and b) tempt me back to the NHS as a much needed registered nurse?

I don’t view private sector nursing as a bad thing. I think fully state directed enterprises, whether Soviet tractor factories, Cuban tobacco farms or English hospitals, are inherently problematic and unmanageable. I think the constant calls for superhuman efforts to maintain the state system show its weakness, and the long term position will have to include those who can afford health care contributing to the cost.


2.  In a rapidly growing city, how would you ensure the city is more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to developments and the infrastructure around them. Leeds City Council seems to give the green light to many developments of housing or retail parks without any or minimal thought to local infrastructure such as roads, schools and health care.

I think it is reasonable for infrastructure development to be reactive. Then it is possible to build the infrastructure in the places where it is needed, instead of building it on guesswork. However, it is important that it does get built. I’d especially include road infrastructure within that, as some parts of Leeds have great roads and some terrible, and there is a lot of scope for improvement.


3.  How do you intend to stop the burglaries, unsociable behaviour etc that’s occurring in the Beeston area now? This is affecting people of all ages, race and religion!

I’m a believer in the right to self defence, including use of deadly force. So I would advocate those without convictions for violent crime being able to take out licences for keeping guns in their house for defensive purposes, including against burglar. No one should be prosecuted for using deadly force against in intruder, and in that respect the law should be changed.



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